Mac mini with dual screens

This post is being written on my (almost) new Dell U2410 monitor. I picked it up cheaply from Graysonline. I get a lot of my kit from there. They often have cheap/reconditioned Dell bits available and you can usually purchase them for under half price. The U2410 is a well regarded high-end monitor and I concur . . . → Read More: Mac mini with dual screens

Mac mini – wake from LAN actually works

Sorry,┬áthis is another Mac rave….

I made my Mac Mini our print server for the household LAN as it sits next to the communal printer. When I did so, I turned off the sleep function as the printer may be needed by anyone at any time and so I had presumed the Mac Mini needed to be . . . → Read More: Mac mini – wake from LAN actually works

Mac mini

I struggled with the title of this post as I just did not know what to say. Last week, I purchased my first Apple Mac computer. This post is the first to be written on my new Mac mini.

This is a big thing for me. I am devoted to Microsoft. I have made a living knowing . . . → Read More: Mac mini