Windows Home Server and PIO mode

The novelty of my new Windows Home Server (WHS1) has worn off and I was really getting peeved about its seeming random slowness when transferring some files to/from the server. Over my wired 100Mbps home LAN I was seeing speeds quoted in KBps – instead of the theoretical expected speed of around 10MB/s. As I never . . . → Read More: Windows Home Server and PIO mode

Why I love Microsoft Windows Home Server

One month into Windows Home Server and I have to admit, I am loving it and here’s why:

It works on my old Dell SC440 with only 512MB of RAM.
It was simple to install. No stuffing around with setting up hardware or software RAIDs. No file systems to mount, no chmods, so samba to install or . . . → Read More: Why I love Microsoft Windows Home Server

NAS2 becomes WHS1

For the last year or so I have been running Ubuntu Server 8.04 on my Dell SC440 as a SAMBA NAS to store and share the ever-increasing family media library. I used webmin as the UI and a pair of Samsung 500GB SATA drives mirrored and all was good. Eventually the 500GB was not enough . . . → Read More: NAS2 becomes WHS1

Windows 7 RC Media Center initial impressions

I have been evaluating W7 since Beta in virtual machines. I was initially impressed with the speed and simplicity of installation and the overall performance of the base install when compared to Vista – even in my resource restricted VMs. Seems MS have removed most of the CPU hogging crap that came with Vista….

I have been . . . → Read More: Windows 7 RC Media Center initial impressions

Digital album art

I have finally updated my electronic music library to include all the correct album art so it looks perfect in Vista Media Center (VMC) over my five XBOX 360 extenders. I have about 6,000 tracks in my MP3 library and what should have been a simple fix to a little annoyance turned into a major project . . . → Read More: Digital album art