20,000 page views

It took 10 months to reach 10,000 page views and only 3 more months to reach 20,000 views.

The Newtown Nerd  is now generating over 3,000 views per month and growing at 50% per month. I am glad so may are finding something useful to . . . → Read More: 20,000 page views

Mac mini – wake from LAN actually works

Sorry, this is another Mac rave….

I made my Mac Mini our print server for the household LAN as it sits next to the communal printer. When I did so, I turned off the sleep function as the printer may be needed by anyone at any time and so I had presumed the Mac Mini needed to be . . . → Read More: Mac mini – wake from LAN actually works

Mac mini

I struggled with the title of this post as I just did not know what to say. Last week, I purchased my first Apple Mac computer. This post is the first to be written on my new Mac mini.

This is a big thing for me. I am devoted to Microsoft. I have made a living knowing . . . → Read More: Mac mini

10,000 page views!

Its been a slow but steady process, but this week I reached a new milestone – 10,000 total page views since I started the Newtown Nerd in September 2010.

For those interested, the site is currently running at about 1,700 page views per month and growing about 10% per month. There are 38 posts (not including this . . . → Read More: 10,000 page views!

What happened to high-definition TV in Australia?

Opinion. Australia is in the middle of a forced switch to free-to-air digital TV. After years of broadcasting both analogue and digital signals, the analogue network is progressively being decommissioned. Many regional and country areas have already converted. The capital cities are due for the switch in late 2013. The government has been broadcasting ads to . . . → Read More: What happened to high-definition TV in Australia?