Ripping and streaming DTS audio CDs to WD TV Live

I have a few DTS Audio CDs in my collection. I am talking about the  – increasingly rare – DTS 5.1 encoded CDs that were produced by DTS Entertainment some years ago. Like this one here.

I originally imported them to test out multichannel audio on my (then new) home theatre system. Recently though they have been gathering dust as I disposed of my DVD and CD players long ago and moved to exclusively streaming audio from my server. So I no longer had a physical player to play them on and ripping and streaming them never seemed to work as something would always get in the way and destroy the DTS digital signal.  There are a few guides around that show you how to rip and convert them to more common formats (like DVD DD 5.1) but its a lot of work and the results are questionable. So they gathered dust.

But today I had an idea. My new WD TV Live supports both DTS and digital pass through of audio. I figured that as long as it did not interfere with the digital files, it should work.

So I re-ripped my DTS Audio CDs with Exact Audio Copy as WAV files and shared them to the WD TV Live over my wired network. It worked perfectly. My AMP sees the DTS digital stream and faithfully reproduces the 5.1 surround signal.

Cool. Another tick for the WD TV Live.

NB I am using the latest custom B-Rad firmware so I do not know if this works on the official firmware – but it should.


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